Dunecraft Balance Bikes

The Process

Each Dunecraft balance bike is hand-made and consists of twenty-five pieces of top quality birch wood. The wood is first shaped and bent in water. Once the wood has dried, they undergo another quality check.  The frame parts are then placed in a jig and glued together with the strongest possible adhesive so as to obtain a solid and stiff base.

All other parts are then made to fit to every individual bike and sanded down to achieve the smoothest surface possible.  Several coats of primer, colour and clear varnish follow. When all the parts are prepared and coloured, they are carefully assembled to create the Dunecraft balance bike.

We use only high quality stainless steel fasteners for all the essential parts. We believe stainless steel fasteners are not only the best fasteners, but we also achieve with this a look that is unique to the Dunecraft balance bike.  Smaller items are added, glued and screwed on with decorative brass screws.

We use 16 inch wheels because they provide a stable and smooth ride on solid pavements. The relatively large diameters of the wheels also cope better on uneven surfaces or off-road.

A serial number is stamped on the small rectangular copper plate. The letter A stands for the first series, followed by B for the second series and so on. For special requests, such as another colour, additional accessories or other ideas, please contact us. We will then add the letter “S” to the serial number as to document this “special” Dunecraft balance bike.

We produce the unique Dunecraft balance bikes in a series of six at a time in order to maintain and assure the highest standard of quality.