Dunecraft Balance Bikes

The Company

Ever since I discovered my father’s toolbox in the basement (at the age of 5), I started unscrewing things, curious to see what was in the inside and how it worked. The beautiful antique clock which my parents received as their wedding present also had to give way to my curiosity. I remember very well my father’s reaction after he discovered what I had done…

I have been fiddling with tools ever since then.

My interest in how things work grew and motorbikes in particular became my passion. My ultimate dream came true in 2000 when I restored my 1948 Vincent Rapide, to original factory standard.

I am mainly self-taught in all my skills. I inherited my technical interest from my father and my artistic creativity from my mother. The result is the beautiful wooden, high quality, hand-made Dunecraft balance bike. The craftsmanship that involves in making the Dunecraft bikes is unique: we combine style, quality and functionality.

Our company is based in Leiden, a university town in the Netherlands where bicycles are the main form of transportation due to the narrow streets, dense population and the short distance between destinations.

Our ultimate aim is to put a big smile on the face of every child who rides a Dunecraft balance bike.